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Articulated Wheel Loaders

Power and versatility in one package! Rayco articulated wheel loaders, also called, compact wheel loaders, provide excellent lift capabilities with the small footprint and agility you need to maneuver in close quarters, such as small yards or narrow pathways. Wheel loaders give operators great visibility to the attachment and job at hand for more safety and control. These machines also are easy on turf and other delicate surfaces and generally have better fuel efficiency than skid steers or track loaders. With a standard mini skid steer attachment plate, the Rayco articulated wheel loaders can accommodate a wide variety of attachments for optimum on-the-job flexibility and bottom-line performance.

Articulated Wheel Loaders
1800AWL Articulated Wheel Loader

With its standard telescoping boom, articulated design and mini skid steer attachment plate, the Rayco 1800AWL provides the power and versatility you need for any job.