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50/48X Whole Tree Drum Chipper

50/48X Whole Tree Drum Chipper

The Morbark 50/48 whole tree wood chipper is the largest, most productive drum chipper on the market. The 50/48X was updated to a similar design layout as Morbark’s other industry-leading industrial drum chippers with a sloped infeed, externally adjustable anvil and large work platforms for easy access for routine maintenance. The reverse pivot yoke produces more down pressure than the conventional style yoke for aggressive feeding of a variety of material. Morbark’s Advantage 3 Drum produces more consistent chips, while the heat-treated, AR-450 steel drum skin provides longer wear life for lower replacement costs and less downtime. The Advantage 3 drum assembly can come as 10-knives for fuel chip or 20-knives for micro-chip applications.

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Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS)

This ultimate diagnostic system monitors hydraulic pressures, temperatures, clutch systems and engine efficiency to maximize performance.

Advantage 3™ Drum

The Advantage 3™ drum creates more uniform chips and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Consolidated Access Area

A consolidated area for oil and hydraulic filters is easily accessible from the ground or maintenance platform.

Infeed System

Aggressive live floor and large top feedwheel ensure positive feed of brushy tops and limbs.

Extended Maintenance Platform

Large work platforms on both sides provide access for easier and safer drum inspections.

Sloped Infeed Sides

Sloped infeed sides and an additional 24″ (60.96 cm) infeed length gives the operator improved visibility and loading efficiency.

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50/48X Whole Tree Drum Chipper
Length NCL40'10", 12.44 m
Height NCL12'6", 3.81 m
Width NCL9'10", 3 m
Gross Weight NCL72,120 lb, 32,713 kk
Axle Weight NCL42,420 lb, 19,241 kg
Tongue Weight NCL29,700 lb, 13,471 kg
Horsepower1,050 to 1,200 HP, 783 to 895 kW
Fuel capacity (tank)400 gallons, 1,514 litres
Hydraulic oil capacity187 gallons, 708 litres
Towing arrangementfifth wheel
Drum diameter48″, 121.92 cm
Drum width55.5”, 140.97 cm
Chipper knives(10) 11″ x 7.94″ x 0.75” thick, 27.94 cm x 18.57 cm x 1.9 cm
Counter knives(10) 11″ x 6.375″ x 0.5” thick, 27.94 cm x 16.19 cm x 1.27 cm
Drum speed945 RPM, 946 RPM
Feed driveHydraulic
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