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M20R Forestry Whole Tree Drum Chipper

M20R Forestry Whole Tree Drum Chipper

The hard-working, aggressive M20R Forestry chipper provides optimal performance for in-woods chipping. Easily filling a 53′ (16.15 m) trailer and sustaining up to four to five loads per day, this hard-working, aggressive chipper is the perfect option for those looking to enter the biomass market with low startup costs. This machine features the Advantage 3 Drum and electronic flow control to control feed speed from the remote. Tough, abrasion-resistant AR-450 steel is used for the drum skin, replaceable belly band, discharge chute and wear strips beneath the bed chain, providing strength and long wear life.

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Infeed Deck

A 6′ (1.83 m) feed bed with live chain drive, tilted downward at 4° angle, provides efficient feeding of tree-length material.

Remote Control

Wireless remote with tethered back-up system controls the feed functions, yoke functions, throttle functions, rear stabilizers and hydraulic swivel discharge.


The Advantage 3™ drum creates more uniform chips and reduces operating and maintenance costs.


The Beever M20R Forestry has the heaviest frame among machines in the <20,000 lb (9,072 kg) weight range.

Track Undercarriage Option

Take the chipper to the material with a two-speed 139.5” long x 19.5” wide (354.3 cm x 49.5 cm) track undercarriage and 6 PSI (41.4 kPa) ground pressure.

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M20R Forestry Whole Tree Drum Chipper
Chipping Capacity20", 50.8 cm
Height Wheeled11', 3.35 m
Width Wheeled8', 2.44 m
Length Wheeled26'8", 8.12 m
Height Tracked11'5", 3.48 m
Width Tracked8'6", 2.59 m
Length Tracked22'9", 6.93 m
Gross weight (approximate) Wheeled18,000 lb, 8,165 kg
Gross weight (approximate) Track26,540 lb, 12,040 kg
Suspension Torsion20,000 lb, 9,071 kg
Infeed opening65″ wide x 43″ high, 165 cm x 109.22 cm
Throat opening28″ wide x 20″ high, 71.12 cm x 50.8 cm
Drum33.325″ wide x 36″ diameter, 84.77 cm x 91.44 cm
Horsepower415 HP, 309 kW
Fuel capacity (tank)65 gallons (wheeled)/74 gallons (tracked), 246 litres (wheeled)/280 litres (tracked)
Hydraulic oil capacity44 gallons (wheeled)/56 gallons (tracked), 166 litres (wheeled)/212 litres (tracked)
Frame2″ x 10″ tubular, 5.08 cm x 25.4 cm
Tires(4) 235/75×17.5, 16-ply
Hitch3″ Pintle Ring, 7.62 cm
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