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1100 Tub Grinder

1100 Tub Grinder

The Morbark 1100 Tub Grinder is a mid-sized grinder that brings price and performance together for the processing and reduction of wood waste. This tub grinder packs an impressive line of features usually only found on larger models, including the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) to adjust feed rates of a variety of materials while optimizing fuel efficiency. Other features include a laser-cut, factory-balanced hammermill; dual hydraulic augers that maintain flow during material surges to prevent plugging; and a full breakaway torque limiter to protect the engine and clutch from catastrophic damage.

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Hydraulic Augers

Tub is equipped with hydraulic augers that allow the operator to quickly remove product from beneath the mill. During material surges, pressure sensors automatically slow tub rotation to prevent plugging.

Torque Limiter

The full breakaway torque limiter system protects the engine and clutch against shock and overload without stalling the engine.

Tub Tilt

Hydraulic tub tilt provides easy access to grates and anvil for routine maintenance.


Laser-cut, factory-balanced hammermills with forged hammers offer unsurpassed durability and smooth operation.

Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS)

Monitor pressures, temperatures, clutch systems, tub rotation and engine efficiency to maximize production and engine efficiency.

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1100 Tub Grinder
Length (operating)56’3″, 17.14 m
Length (transport)37’2″, 11.33 m
Height (transport)12’9″, 3.88 m
Width11’2″, 3.4 m
Gross weight NCL48,630 lb, 22,058 kg
Axle weight NCL34,830 lb, 15,800 kg
Tongue weight NCL13,770 lb, 6,245 kg
Gross weight WCL (optional)59,920 lb, 27,180 kg
Axle weight WCL (optional)40,540 lb, 18,390 kg
Tongue weight WCL (optional)19,380 lb, 8,790 kg
Horsepower800 HP, 596 kW
Fuel capacity160 gallons, 605 litres
Hydraulic oil capacity NCL120 gallons, 454 litres
Hydraulic oil capacity WCL205 gallons, 776 litres
Screen area2,174 sq in, 14,026 sq cm
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